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It is known to everyone that cleaning the windows and the front facades, whether they are glass or cladding, is thunderous, annoying and difficult at times, due to the fluctuating weather conditions as well. Some may be forced to use the spider man through the roof and other traditional methods of implementing the front facades.

Smart cleaning establishment works in the field of cleaning the front facades of the buildings (glass and cladding), where the establishment is distinguished by the use of cleaning with pure water.
Finding innovative and developed solutions that contribute to alleviating the suffering of our customers at the lowest costs by harnessing a work team that is able to discover and apply the foundations and standards that reflect on the results of our services.
To be distinguished by providing easy and creative solutions
Cleaning the front facades of buildings, whether commercial or residential, with a maximum height of 20 meters.

Our Values

Sincerity and integrity

Leadership and motivation

Proficiency and competence

Occupational safety

Solid partnership

Benefits of using a technique
Pure water combined with access and washing system

Operators operate from secure ground eliminating most of the needs for high-reach stairs and equipment

Clean water more efficiently. It reduces the hassle and maintains privacy

It cleans tires as well as glass. And it reduces prohibitive access costs. With no detergent residue

Removes damage to buildings from stairs. It is environmentally friendly, does not use chemicals, and reaches tough windows easily

Why Smart Cleaning

Special Services

We are keen to provide the service with less time, competitive prices, and continuous service to ensure the continuity of the facade of our customers' buildings, bright and clean.

Team Work

Reliable Partner

Integrated Solutions

Committed to serving high quality


We finish the job after making sure All windows and glass fronts are clean Shine bright after every visit. And if you are not satisfied Just about cleaning our windows, we'll get back to you Your money is not guaranteed to our window cleaning At a rate of 100%.

Organization and efficiency

We clean all building facades from Glazing for all scheduled cleaning operations We do have it but at an additional cost, we can clean Roofs, facades, roofs and panels Shamsia. These additional services are available Upon request.

Customer satisfaction

We always aim to feel proud and satisfied What we do, and we always remember that we provide a guarantee With 100% customer satisfaction on results.

Quality and commitment in serving the individual and the nation, and advancing our economic system

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